Monday, August 15, 2011

High School Makeup Look (Product List)

Hey All!
So these are all of the products (and some alternative products), that I used in my "High School Look" video! Enjoy :)

Prior to beginning the Tutorial:

(I'm NW20)

(I'm in the shade, "Light")

You can use either/or:
(top) Revlon cream shadows in "Not Just Nudes"
(bottom) TimeBalm by theBalm concealer

in "Glow"

Semi-Precious Crystal Pink mineralized skinfinish by MAC

in Cherry!

(left) MAC liquid liner
(right) Physician's Formula eye definer

Mascaras used (not pictured): One-By-One and Falsies, both by Maybelline!

That's a rap, thanks for reading lovelies<3


  1. hey i was wondering what kind of make up you think would look good on me. i have red hair, blue/green eyes and pale skin. i appreciate the fact you don't call red heads gingers btw :). anyways i normally just wear mascara but my skin tone can be really uneven at times and i was thinking about trying some liquid eye liner on my top lid. any suggestions for products that you think would look good on me would be excellent :) or some styles and such. i like the more natural neutral look i guess you would call it? anyways thanks so much for taking the time to read this and i look forward to hearing your advice :) much love xx

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